King Prawn Lunch

Here is a lunch I wanted to re create, as my gym does the most fantastic King Prawn Salad. I always, until now, over cooked my prawns out of fear of not cooking them enough.

So.... I heated my pan to a medium heat, then added a test prawn to the pan to time when it was perfectly cooked (crazy, I know). I discovered that around 2 minutes is enough to get the result I wanted.

I sprayed my prawns with fry light, not the pan, as I find it disappears as soon as I spray the pan. I cooked the prawns 1 minute on one side, then turned them (which took a little while) for another minute on the other side. I left them cooking for another 30 seconds to allow for the time it took to turn them all.

The salad....

Using my Twist & Chop I chopped separately 1/2 red onion, 4 medium tomatoes (juicy bit removed), and about 6cm cucumber. Mix it all together and hey presto a refreshing salad!

You can add syns if you wish by putting some Balsamic Glaze over the dish, as shown below the one i use is from Asda. Between 1-1.5 syns per tablespoon depending on brand used. Syns available on SW app.