Chicken Kebabs with Nandos Flavoring

For this recipe I use:

Chicken or Turkey - a 340g pack as shown below will make 4 skewers.
Nandos Rub (various varieties available)
Kebab skewers

Serves: 2

Syns: 3.5 (half that if you share the portion)


Dice chicken and add to a mixing bowl. Pour over Nandos Rub and mix well. Leave to marinade overnight for extra flavour or you can use immediately.

Grill for 25 to 30 mins depending on the size of your diced chicken. Always check your chicken is cooked throughout before serving.

Once cooked serve with your choice of salad.

To make a refreshing dip use some fat free natural yogurt mixed with lemon juice to taste. This is particularly nice when you use one of the spicier marinades.

I used diced turkey for this recipe because it was better value to buy pre diced than the chicken breast. It is slightly leaner than chicken too and just as tasty. 

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