Chips and Baked Beans

Home made Potato Wedges. Made using the recipe for my cajun potato wedges, but I left the skin on and I used Marabel Potatoes. Marabel Potatoes are very buttery in taste naturally.
I cut the potatoes into wedges. I popped them in to boil for 25 minutes. Do not worry about over cooking. The skin holds the wedges together.
Once boiled drain off water and place the wedges in an even layer on a banking tray. Spray with fry light and cook for 25 minutes in the oven.
A tip for removing the wedges from the drainer. I use a plastic set of tongs to pick up and place the wedges on the baking tray. This way they are kept intact.
I also place my wedges on grease proof paper sprayed with fry light. This has helped me get nice crispy wedges.

This meal is free on EE.