Slimming World at Easter - Cadbury Caramel and Creme Egg Easter Eggs

While on Slimming World we all want the opportunity to enjoy occasions and times of the year when sweets and treats are given.

You can't fail to notice that despite it only be February, the shops are already filling their shelves with easter eggs.

My husband was sat tucking into an egg the other night and I got to thinking about how many syns he was consuming.

So i worked it out...

The 178g Cadbury Caramel Easter Egg consists of a 100g chocolate egg and 2 39g Caramel Eggs. The syns are as follows (based on Cadbury Chocolate Syns on the app):

Half the egg (50g) - 13.5 syns
Cadbury Caramel Egg - 9.5 syns

Creme Egg - 8.5 syns

If I was given one of these as a gift this Easter I know i can safely spread out the eating of the egg over 4 days without exceeding my daily syns.


**always check up to date syns values against the app to ensure you are protecting your weightloss - syns correct at 12.2.15**