Slimming World Haribo Sweets

Below is the recipe for how to make sweets the Slimming World way:


2 sachets of jelly
2 sachets of gelatine
1 muller light
Silicone molds (around 50)


Add 1 jelly sachet and 1 gelatine sachet to 140ml of boiling water. Mix until dissolved. 

Fill up your molds half way with the mixture.

Put your half filled molds in the fridge to set for 10 to 15 minutes. 

Make up the same mixture again, but this time add your muller light to the mix and stir. Pour this mixture on top of your set jelly and return to the fridge.

Once set your sweets are ready to be eaten.


Gelatine - Free
Hartleys Sugar Free Jelly Crystals - 1.5 syns each 
Muller light - Free

Total: 3 syns.