Slimming World vs Cambridge Diet (Very Low Calorie Diet)

I decided I would write this review of both Weight Management Plans, because I have followed both and been successful at both.
Firstly, I'll explain why I did Cambridge Diet in 2011. I had recently moved out of my parents house into my own property. Cooking and eating for one was hard. Often it would be easier to get a take away or an unhealthy ready meal. I had heard someone I knew was successful on it so I thought I'd try it.

I went into it with a huge amount of motivation, which meant I stuck to the 3 shakes a day very easily. I was having 454 calories a day; a shake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If I had company I'd eat some chicken so i didnt appear to be unsociable.
In 12 weeks I had lost just short of 3 stone. The compliments were rolling in. Behind my new sleek look I had a problem to tackle. I had to transition onto food slowly. This was where I failed. I went back to eating 'normally' and gained my weight back VERY quickly. I also gained some additional weight on top of the weight I had lost originally.

The diet it's self worked very well, the consultant was lovely (who is still a good friend), and the plan to transition was well planned out, but I struggled to follow it on correctly and my motivation had dwindled.
I have now been following Slimming World (started 7 months post baby) for 10 weeks. In that time I have equalled the loss I had on Cambridge Diet by losing 2 stone 8.5lbs. I eat 3 hearty healthy meals a day, with treats mixed in each day in some form. I have no 'transition' to worry about. I can continue to follow Slimming World.

I am able to eat socially, I can feed my family the same meals that I eat, I still have treats, I have cheese, I can eat bread. I have freedom.

I feel that I can positively continue to follow this plan.

If you are questioning what your options are for weight loss then I absolutely recommend Slimming World. If you walk through that door and join a group you will not regret it.