I think it's important to have dessert. After all we are allowed a treat. Too often people say "oh I mustn't have dessert, I'm on a diet". Why not?

I treat myself everyday, be it some chocolate, Yorkshire puddings, or a Chinese. As long as it's weighed and counted it's all there to be enjoyed.

I wait until the evening to enjoy my treat. I often find that's when I want to have something sweet and I do feel that if I have my treat too early then later in the day I might want something and have no syns left to have it.

Recently Muller released the Light Chocolate Fix. I was sceptical about how it would taste. I imagined a yogurt taste, almost sour perhaps. I was pleasantly surprised that it isn't yogurt tasting at all, it is in fact very chocolatey. I enjoyed it so much I now have a fridge full of each flavour. They are a tiny 5 syns each and so worth it.

Now if they could just release a white chocolate version and I'll be in heaven 😊