Week 10 so far!

I'm part way through week 10. Almost weight day! I feel like I've had a good week this week and I'm hoping for a good loss.

I've done a couple of things differently this week. I switched to speed HEB's (the ones with the S symbol in the HEB section). I wanted to see if it made much different to me having the speed ones instead of a normal HEB.

When following SP you get 2 HEB, which I love, and I had always had 2 Alpen Light and 3 Ryvita for lunch. Going for the speed option means I only get 1 Alpen Light and 2 Ryvita Dark Rye.

This is my second week having only speed HEB, but last week was * week so although I lost 3lbs, I felt it could have masked any potential increase in my weight loss so i have carried it forward for a second week.

If I do not see an increase I'll have back my extra Alpen and Ryvita because it is a little more restricted, not that I have found it very difficult. I love the SP plan.

I have been on plan 100%. Looking forward to seeing everyone at my group on Wednesday and hoping I've done enough to get my next award :)