Week 12 so far...

What a fab week I've had so far.

Firstly I set up my instagram account for my Slimming World. I'm on insta to my personal account, but I never really used it. I wasn't aware what a following there is for Slimming World on Insta. I'm so overwhelmed with the support, motivation and inspiration I've experienced in just a few days. If you haven't already, you can follow me. The link is at the top of my Blog Page.

Secondly I've tried a few new things this week. I have been using Maggi So Juicy papers for steak and also Salmon. They are 1.5 syns per paper and sooo worth it. The steak is the best steak I've eaten by miles. I cannot believe hadn't tried it until now. I've seriously been missing out. The papers at 50p on offer in Asda at the mo. Tonight I also used one for my Salmon, which again was amazing!! Give them a go!

Today I went to Tesco to tick off a few hard to find items from my SW must have list. I've been after the Groovy Food Coconut Oil 1 calorie spray for ages. Well today I found it. It was the last one on the shelf and I literally ran past 2 women in the aisle to grab it incase they were after it.

I also picked up the Choc Shot Orange flavour (2 syns per tbsp) which my usual supermarket doesn't stock.

Lastly I've discovered the Whitworths Shot. I'm yet to try them, but I've already heard amazing things about them from the SW ladies on Insta. They range from 3 to 5 syns depending on which one you go for (syns are on the app). They are all 25g of nutty, chocolatey, biscuity,  fruity goodness. Nuts are incredibly good for you anyway, but I usually avoid them because I prefer to use my syns on sweat snacks, so I am v pleased with these lovely little combos. I'm very much excited to try the Toffee Pecan one. Love Pecans!

I picked up an unplanned bargain at Tesco today. I spied a very pretty Kirstie Allsopp recipe folder priced at £2.50. It seemed to me to be a v low price for what it is, so I had a little Google and found it priced at £14.99 online. Needless to say I snapped one up.

I've had a brilliant week on plan and looking forward to Weigh Day on Wednesday. It comes around quickly after the weekend has been and gone. Hoping / praying for my 3 stone award. Fingers crossed!!!

Here are a few of this week's meals...