Week 12 Weigh Day!

I weighed in this morning and I lost 3lbs. I picked up my 3 stone award, taking my total weight loss to 3 stone 0.5 lbs.

I also got Slimmer of The Month for the 3rd consecutive month with a 12.5lbs loss this month.

I picked up the new Magazine at group today which has some lovely recipes in, and some really great inspirational stories. There is also an interesting section about out relationship with ourselves and food. As someone who loves food, I found this a very valuable article to read. 

As a treat my husband too me to Mr Pings, my fave Chinese restaurant. I chose my usual, beef in black bean sauce. I asked for extra peppers to boost the speed foods and as I'm still following EESP I didn't have any rice. Well worth the 8 syns.

I discovered a new brand of lip balms called EOS, so my husband treated me to one. They quite pricy for a lip balm but so worth it. They are made of organic ingredients and smell lush! I went for Strawberry Sorbet and I LOVE it! So much so I've ordered 3 more online... oops!

I finished the day with a fritata for dinner. It was so simple and very quick to make. I put loads of speed veg in there; a whole pack of button mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, spinach, ham, and 8 eggs. It was large I had to eat half, so I'll be saving the other half for lunch tomorrow. It was delicious and I highly recommend this one for a speedy (literally) dinner. I cooked mine on the hob for 10 mins to cook the bottom, then under the grill to cook the top. It was super duper easy to turn out and tastes lush.

Here's to another great week!