Weigh day tomorrow!

This week has gone by v quickly. I seem to have blinked and suddenly it's Tuesday. I've had another good week on plan so I'm hoping for a good loss tomorrow. Even though I've been saintly, I still don't take it for granted that I will lose, so I do get nervous.

I'm 5.5lbs away from my next award, so I won't be expecting any awards this week unless I manage SOW.

I've tried 2 new things this week; quark and Corgettes. With the quark I sweetened it to make it like a cream. I have to say it was v nice. I'll add a drop of vanilla next time and try that out. Next week I want to try it with an Options hot chocolate. This evening I made courgette ribbons and fried them off in Frylight. I didn't enjoy them at all. Not as nice as i hoped they would be.

I haven't done body magic this week (apart from the usual running around after a 10 month old). I've been on a couple of walks over the week. It's hard when I've got a baby to look after to get time, so walking is the best form of exercise for me. I'm hoping that warmer weather will mean more outings for me. Last summer I walked 5 miles with the pram on a regular basis. I will make a real effort to get back to walking again when it gets warmer.

I'll update my weigh in results tomorrow as usual. Wish me luck!