Week 14

This week has been a challenge for some. Easter double bank holidays, nice weather, teamed with kids of school has sent some off track.

I've had a personal challenge this weekend. Good Friday was my birthday, and on Saturday my husband arranged a surprise Afternoon Tea Party with all.our good friends and family.

My husband went to a great effort to make sure I wasn't tempted to fall off the wagon by pre organising the chef to cook me a special meal of my request. I had scallops for my starter, with a balsamic glaze. For my main I had a steak with king prawns and a salad. The chef didn't use any oil for my food so it was totally syn free. I had a cake which I divided between all 16 of us and I enjoyed a trim little piece of cake which I'm fairly sure was within my 15 syns.

On Easter Sunday I enjoyed a small amount of chocolate for my syns. A 15g Green & Black's white chocolate for 4 syns and a mini creme egg for 2.5 syns. 

On The Bank Holiday Monday we went to a BBQ at a pub. I had pre arranged with the chef to have some chicken in for me, as the planned menu was just burgers and hotdogs. I prepared myself a packed lunch with some Weight Watchers Sausages. Lucky I did because the chef totally forgot about my chicken and there wasn't a scrap of lettuce in sight.

I got lots of compliments this week from people. I haven't seen in a long time, so although I didn't get to eat a huge amount of chocolate and treats, the compliments more than made up for the fact I've worked so hard to stay on track. I didn't miss scoffing bad food at all! 

I weigh in tomorrow at 9.30am.