Remember why you started

I was tagged to take part in this on instagram and I thought it's probably time I wrote this down, because it's great to have a 'Why I started' reminder to look back on.

I started Slimming World because I was unhappy with my post pregnancy weight, despite managing to lose a few lbs in pregancy, I was overweight before I even fell pregnant.

I had my baby boy in May last year. When my husband went back to work and my mum went home I struggled to fend for myself. I could look after my baby and feed him, but I wasn't so good at feeding myself.

I never seemed to find the time to prepare myself healthy meals. I started eating convenience foods or having lunch (usually pizza) deliveries.

I tried to join SW around 4 times in 7 months and I never returned to see the second week. The lbs I'd lost due to a sickly pregnancy had crept back on.

In December 2014 I then had a realisation that my much larger clothes were getting tight and that I was unhealthy at the highest weight I'd ever been. I didn't want to be an unhealthy Mummy. I decided that I'd get Christmas and New Year out the way, then join SW.

I walked through the door of my Slimming World group on 31st December 2014. I collected my pack and I went home to celebrated New Years Eve with a final takeaway, then on the 1st Jan 2015 I started following Slimming World.

The repeated failures of the 7 months post baby and the terrible eating habits had got me into a place where there wasn't anyway I could feel any worse, and from that awful feeling came motivation which outweighed any urges I'd had in the past to eat badly.

The rest, as they say, is history. I am 2.5lbs short of my 5 stone award in 19 weeks.

Anything is possible if you put your all into it!