Week 19 Meal Planner and Shopping List


Monday: Beef Stew with Swede & Carrot Mash
Tuesday: Vegetable Fritata
Wednesday: Thai fish chargrills with roasted vegetables.
Thursday: Mayflower Curry
Friday: King Prawn Stir fry
Saturday: Steak and Roasted onion rings
Sunday: Tandoori Lamb

Lunches: Salad with Ham and Ryvita

Breakfasts: Fruit and Alpen Light

Shopping List:
Stewing beef
Swede and carrot mash
Oxo cubes (unless in the store cupboard)
15 eggs
Frozen chopped peppers
Frozen onions
Birdseye fish chargrills
Red onions
Red peppers
White onions
Green peppers
Stir fry mix
King prawns
2 x steak
Maggi papers
Lamb chops
Tandoori spice mix
Fat free yogurt
Ham packs x 7
Salad bag
Cherry tomatoes
Pickled onions
Alpen light x 2 packs
Pink lady apples x 8
Laughing Cow Light cheese