Week 19 results and ramblings!

What a week! Well I'll start with my weigh in this morning, after all that's what this week has been working towards. I lost 3lbs this week, putting me at a loss of 4 stone 11.5 lbs. 2.5 lbs away from my 5 stone award. I'm going for that this week!

This week in group it was food taster week. I decided to go for one of my fave and most simple dishes, Crustless Quiche. The recipe is on the Slimming World Website, but I have adapted it slightly. I used a tub of fat free onion and chive cottage cheese, 5 small eggs, and smoked ham. Mix all together and pop in the dish. Top with cherry toms and oven cook for 35 mins. Everyone remarked how tasty it was and of course it is SYN FREE.


Last week in group my consultant started a competition. All we need to do is complete one (or more) of these swimsuit countdowns to be entered into a prize draw. I love a visual countdown, it really helps me focus, so this is right up my street. With today's loss I can now go colour in another 3 lbs!

We did a lunch out this weekend at Harvester. I do love harvester for Food Optimising on the go! I ordered the 'I Want it All' platter for one and asked the waitress to swap the BBQ ribs for more chicken. The Chargrills Boneless Thighs are amazing. They taste as if they are cooked on a BBQ. I filled up my salad bowl with speed salad and when my food arrived I added it to my plate. One of my fave sauces at Harvester is The Jack Daniels Glaze. It is 120 calories for a portion on the menu. Converted to syns it works out 6. I had around a 1/4 of the serving, so I allowed 2 syns. So worth it! 

Lastly, I hit 2000 followers on my Instagram this week. I upload all my meals here as soon as they are prepped, along with my random updates or shopping pictures. It's great to be able to share the Slimming World plan with other people and hopefully inspire others to eat the SW way and to lose weight.