Dr Oetker Mug Cakes

Sometimes only cake will do. It's often difficult when buying a cake from a supermarket and having to portion it correctly, or even home baking and guessing the syns.

These 1 cake packs are 79p. I got mine from the baking aisle of Asda.

The chocolate chip is 291 calories which equates to 14.5 syns on the Slimming World snackulator and Lemon is 267 calories which is 13.5 syns on the Snackulator.

They take 1 min 10 seconds to cook and all you need is 60ml of milk (which is already included in the calorie calculation on the packet).

I served my husband the Lemon one tonight for dessert with 12g of light spray cream for 26 calories / 1.5 syns.