My latest Lush stash!

My husband got me some surprise Lush goodies today. I do love a surprise, but half the fun with Lush is going to the store. The smell. The goodies on display. I just love it and I could spend hours in there. I'll be doing a lush trip next week to make up for it!

In my bag of goodies today I got;

Dragons Egg - super colourful one!

Big Blue - never tried it, but it smells lovely.

Granny takes a dip - I've never tried this one either. I'm ashamed to say that as I've heard good things. Probably going to be the first one I try out!

Butterball - another new one for me. I'm hoping it is like the description. Buttery and soft.

Blackberry - leaves the water a lovely deep blue and smells gorge.

The Comforter - one of my absolute faves from Lush, defo at the top of my list.

Sakura - this one is so colourful and crackles while it melts, then it disappears to leave the water crystal clear. Another fave of mine.

Lastly I got some samples; Raining men, Happy hippy, dirty, flying fox.