Slimming World Oat Pancakes using Sweet Freedom Syrup

This is the first time I've tried making these and they are amazing!

I used:

35g porridge oats
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
3 tsp Sweet Freedom Syrup
2 tbsp fat free natural yogurt

I mixed the eggs, syrup, yogurt, and vanilla together in a bowl.

I then added the oats and mixed them in.

To cook them I used a single egg pan which are available at most supermarkets. It allows you to create the perfect size pancake without the mix running all over a large pan.

I sprayed the pan with frylight and poured in half the batter. All it takes it a minute or so on each side to get the perfect golden pancakes.

To finish add 1 tsp more of Sweet Freedom syrup on top of the pancakes and enjoy.

Count 2 syns for the syrup used.

There is so much benefit to using the syrup instead of sweetner. It's a natural product and totally eliminates any artifical sweetner taste from your finished pancakes.