Strawberries & Cream Slimming World Style

This is more of a throw it together dessert than a recipe, but I'm calling it a recipe anyway.


Asda Chosen by you Mini Meringue Shells
Sainsburys Sugar Free Marshmallows
Arla Strawberry or Raspberry Protein Yogurt
Asda Reduced Fat Spray Cream

Place some strawberries into a bowl.

4 Meringues (60 cals / 3 syns).

Half a tub of Arla Protein Yogurt (70 cals / 0.5 syns). 

Place a bowl on a set of scales and set to 0. Squirt the cream until the scales show 12.5g weight (26 cals / 1.5 syns).

Add 4 sugar free marshmallows (24 cals / 1 syn).

Total Syns: 6 syns