The final countdown 'buzz'

So... incase I haven't mentioned it before... I have 15 lbs (at last weigh in 4 days ago) to target.

I've had lots of advice from fellow members and SW'ers along my journey about getting to target, but I didn't actually know what this stage would be like for me.

First of all - I feel incredibly proud to have got this far. At the start I didn't think I would, but part of me thinks subconsciously maybe I did know, but I didn't believe in myself. I took before photos, which I've never done previously when attempting to lose weight.

Secondly I feel even more determined (if that's possible). I want to get there and I'm doing everything positive I can to get there.

And lastly I feel a buzz. Like an excitement about being so close to where I want to be. It's spurring me on to continue to make the right choices.

Along with my weight loss has come a huge amount of confidence, but at times the old feelings creep up on me and I find myself asking my husband ''do I look fat in this?" when really I don't, or at least he says I don't.

I am excited to see what each weeks loss has in store for me, because the changes to my figure each week are really prominent, more so than when I was losing 3 / 4lbs a week at the start of my journey.

So right now I'm halfway through week 28. I'm having a positive and great week. Looking forward to the scales on Wednesday!

Below is my countdown / reward chart I've used from the start. The gold star on the second from bottom row is my target and the second gold star represents a further stones loss (which I'm undecided on for now).