The Next Stage of The Journey

I'm getting close to my final target now, so it makes sense to talk about 'the next stage'.

Once you get to target, it isn't a case of 'fair well Slimming World' and off you fly back to your old life. It's an on going journey. A new stage.

All along I've known I've wanted to lose big, I never knew I'd get there (or anywhere close), but I knew if I wanted to get to target something had the change.

Now I'm well into my journey I've got the next stage in mind. I know that the challenge continues and the journey carries on. I am excited to get that target award and to learn what I need to do to maintain.

It's so important for me to know that there is a next stage and to know that the support continues. I fully intend to keep coming to my group and to be involved as much as I am now, because for me, the group is what has helped me the most.

Often people will ask if you can 'go back to normal' or 'finish your diet'. My answer is - it isn't a diet, it's a lifestyle change. Just because target is looming doesn't mean all of a sudden I start adding oil to my food, or switch to full fat coke. If you eat the way you used to, you'll look the way you used to.

I'm very excited to be well on my way to target and excited to become a target member soon.