Week 27 Weigh in Results

Weigh day today! 4lbs off! I was very surprised to have lost 4lbs, because I was expecting a slow down after losing 2lbs last week. I only have a stone to go for target now.

My total loss is 6 stone 12 lbs. 2lbs needed for my 7 stone award which I'd love to aim for next Wednesday.

I got Slimmer of the Week so I was the first person in my group to get a copy of the new Summer Journal. We aren't allowed to share what's inside, but it is a great motivational tool for getting through the summer and would be great for parents with kids off school for the holidays. In order to get your hands on one you just need to get Slimmer of the Week, Slimmer of the Month, or buy a countdown. Its a great time to commit to 6 or 12 weeks at Slimming World.