Week 30 Weigh in Results

3.5lbs off! 4.5lbs to target! Ahhhhhhhhhh!  How did this happen!?

I was plodding along and expecting a 2lbs ish loss, so 3.5lbs is well above my expectations for the week, even though I'm on plan as usual I've expected a slow down. Obviously I'm super duper chuffed!

I got Slimmer of the Month for the 7th Month in a row and my 7.5 stone award. Taking my total loss to 7 stone 8.5lbs. 

So 4.5lbs to go; I've pledged 2lbs loss for next week . I have 2 weeks left on my NHS countdown so if I can do 2lbs and 2.5lbs I'll manage to get out of paying!

Bring on the next week!