What's inside my make-up bag

I was inspired to do this post by a blog I read today called Tiny Footsteps. I've been meaning to do something similar for a while around what my skincare routine is, so I figured now is a better time than any.

My make up bag was part of the Benefit Kit which I've featured a couple of weeks ago on my blog. It's essentially a freebie and I love it.

Inside my bag are several items. Not all of them are used everyday. I have 2 types of make up application; the everyday presentable mama look (ie. Not dragged through a bush backwards) and the going out - out look (which I'd like to get to do more often).

So here goes...

To start with I have:

Benefit Speed Brow
Benefit High Brow
Benefit Instant Brow

These 3 in combination are what I use to create the perfect brows. Subtle, but well shaped.

I use YSL Touch Ã?clat concealer which is by far the best one I've found for concealing dark circles. It's great at light reflecting.

I've recently started using Benefit Pore Professional which is one of those everyday products. It smooths and creates a mat look plus minimises pores. It's great worn on its own without foundation as a light wear cover up.

When I want to use foundation I use Benefit Hello Flawless which provides great coverage and brightens the skin too. In addition to this I use benefit That Gal to give my skin a dewy glow, I also use this on its own if I need a perk up. It really makes you look glowing. For blush I use Benefit Posie Tint.

For eyes I always use Body Shop shimmer cubes. My eyes are very sensitive to make-up so this is one product I have to use as i know it doesn't irritate my skin. You'll notice I do not have mascara in my collection - this is due to my allergy, I do have individual lash extensions done every 2 weeks which my eyes do not react to. 

For lips I go for Bene Balm or Bene Tint usually which leaves a rosy red lip that isn't too harsh. For a more defined look I'll use a lip pencil, Rimmel Exaggerate in colour Eastend Snob, and lastly my gloss is Dior Collagen Activ. I also use a Benefit Clear Gloss too (which is in my hand bag). To keep my lips healthy I use an EOS balm a few times a day.

To cleanse I use Olay Anti Wrinkle wipes. They are quick and easy for cleansing, removing male up, and exfoliate gently too. I always moisturise in the morning with Lancôme Hydra Zen Neurocalm which is amazing, then in the evening I use Lancôme Hydra Zen Nuit. I pop on some No7 Protect & Perfect Eye Cream and I'm done.