"Don't lose too much weight"

We've all heard those words. It's as if you get to a certain place in your weightloss journey and you can predict exactly when those words are going to tumble out of the mouth of the person you've just bumped into.

I had it only this morning. "Don't lose anymore weight" she said.

I am the healthiest I've ever been. At my highest weight I was classed as morbidly obese. All the people who are saying these words knew me at my largest. Not once did anyone offer me support or advice on my ever expanding waistline.

Now of course, I'm not saying it's ok or appropriate to say to someone they've gained a few lbs, but by the same principle it shouldn't be OK for people to tell me I'm 'too skinny' or that I've gone 'too far'.

Often the people saying these things have only seen me as a larger person, they never knew me in my younger slimmer years. To them I was a fat person.

At this stage this is the most difficult thing to deal with because so many people say it. I have had some wonderful compliments, but not everyone responds in a positive way to weight loss and I've had some strange reactions from people I classed as friends.

I'm grateful for the people who have supported me and been there for me through the whole journey. I've made some amazing Slimming World friends at my group.