1st Week at Target and my 1st Zumba class!

I have just finished my first week at target. Weigh day is tomorrow at 9.30am.

It was a confusing week to start with, as I struggled to switch my mind from weight loss mode to maintenance mode.

I planned additional B choices into my meals, which initially was hard to get used to. Often I felt I wasn't hungry for the additional B choice. After day 3 I felt a lot more at ease and I have really enjoyed my first week maintaining.

I started Zumba this week and I absolutely LOVED it. I felt great after the class! I realise that I am much fitter than I thought I was. 6 months ago I wouldn't have got through 10 minutes of Zumba, let alone 1 hour. I burned 821 calories (logged on my Polar T4 Watch)!

I already have got my 2nd class planned for tomorrow night.

I was also very pleased to be wearing size 8 to 10 gym clothes! I've never owned anything that small before!

I will continue to update my weekly weigh in results, because it's important for me to stay focused on my target. I plan to introduce more fitness into my week, which of course I will be talking about here too!