Summer Sale Shopping!

I haven't done a shopping post for a while, so here goes!

Today I got myself a gorge necklace in the sale at Accessorize. £27 to £8.10. I love Accessorize!

I needed to get some more moisturiser. I've been using Lancome Day and Night creams for a while, but they had ran out. I visited a fellow SW member at the No7 Counter at Boots and she helped me decide on something to use that suited my skin type. The service in boots was brilliant and actually she helped me choose a product that better suited my skin type and age.

I had my bra size re measured. My back size has dropped but cup size is still a DD (thank the lord) as I've been losing boob like there is no tomorrow! The bra is Floozie by Frost French, which is a fave designer of mine, and it was only £12.95 in the sale.

No doubt I'll have a lot more shopping posts in the coming weeks as I start the mammoth task  of buying a whole new wardrobe of clothes!