1.5 Syn Slimming World Strawberry Cheesecake

For this one I used;

1 tub of Strawberry Arla Protein - 1 syn
17g of Grapenuts - half a B or 3 syns
1 tsp of Sweet Freedom Syrup - 0.5 syn
Raspberries to top (or strawberries if you have them)

Place your grapenuts in your serving dish. Put your serving dish on the scales and set to zero. Weigh out 4.6g of Sweet Freedom Syrup  (1 tsp). I find this the least messy way to get a tsp of syrup into the grapenuts without losing any in transfer from spoon to bowl. Mix the syrup with the Grapenuts.

Mix your Arla protein to a smooth consistency and place on top of the grapenuts. Top with fruit.

I think the strawberry Arla Protein is the best one to use for this. It has a nicer sweeter taste than the Raspberry and Blueberry, but of course you could use which ever one you prefer.

It's important to leave your dessert to set for a couple of hours. The grapenuts will soften slightly / absorb the syrup and your Arla will set.

Enjoy 😊