4 Syn Slimming World Banoffee Pie

For this I used:

250g tub of Quark (1/2 the tub)
Sweet Freedom Syrup (2 tsp for 1 syn)
17g Grapenuts (half B choice)
1 Options Hot Chocolate (2 syns)
12.5g spray of light spray cream (1 syn)
1 tsp sweetner
1 banana

In a bowl mix the grapenuts with 2 tsp of Sweet Freedom syrup.

Now mix half the tub of quark with your hot chocolate powder and 1 tsp of sweetner. Place mix into a piping bag and set aside.

Place the sweetended grapenuts into the bottom of your serving dish, then pipe your quark on top. Don't worry if you don't have piping skills. Just pipe away until all the mix is used up.

Now slice half a banana and place the slices on top of your dessert.

To top with the correct amount of spray cream place your dessert on the scales and re set the weight to zero. Spray the cream over the top until the scales say 12.5g and you'll have the perfect amount.

You can add a sprinkle of your fave chocolate or reserve a little of the hot chocolate to sprinkle on top... then serve!

4 syns! And wow it is amazing...