Slimming World Banana Oat Cookies

This recipe uses cooked banana which would need to be counted as syns. I've counted 4 syns for my banana (4 syns per 100g cooked banana).

Normally I wouldn't use something like banana, but I wanted to post a recipe that would be suitable for other Slimming Mamas to bake and eat with the children that isn't full of artifical sweetner.

This is a very simple recipe and will mean you can get involved in baking without the worry that you are making tempting synful bakes. It's healthy for the little ones too.

For this recipe I used:

1 ripe banana
35g porridge oats (B choice)
14g Raisins (2 syns)
1 cap full of vanilla extract

Mash your banana until it is well mashed and soft.

Add in your porridge oats and mix well.

Add any additional extras you want to add. You could use choc chips, nuts, dried fruit, the list is endless. I've chosen to add some raisins for 2 syns.

To bake my Cookies I used silicone cup cake cases. I find that the cupcake case is the perfect size for the cookie to sit in the bottom while it bakes and the sides just prevent it from spreading too much, while still holding that round cookie shape.

This mix is enough to put 2 teaspoons over 6 cases.

Bake in the oven for 16 minutes at 180° fan.

The entire mix is 6 syns, or 12 syns if you don't use the oats as a B choice. This makes each cookie 1 syn with a B and 2 syns without a B choice.

Enjoy :)