Slimming World Chocolate Cheesecake (2.5 syns)

For this recipe I used

1/2 tub quark
1 tsp / 4.6g Sweet Freedom Syrup (0.5 syns)
17g Grapenuts  (half B choice)
Sweetner or Stevia
10g Bourneville Cocoa Powder (2 syns)

Place your grapenuts into a zip lock food bag and crush with a rolling pin to make them finer.

Weigh on to the grapenuts 4.6g of Sweet Freedom Syrup (weighing is less messy that spooning) and mix well.

Using the end of your rolling pin flatten the grapenuts to create your cheesecake base.

In a bowl mix together 10g of cocoa powder (not hot chocolate) with your quark. Sweeten to taste. I used around 2 tbsp to sweeten mine, but you could use less or more. Add and taste as you go until it's perfect.

Place your cheesecake mix on top of your base, top with speedy berries and serve.