Slimming World Homemade Granola Bar (2 syns plus 1 B choice)

For this I used:

30g of Special K Granola (B Choice or 5.5 syns)
3 tsp of Sweet Freedom Syrup (2 syns)

Weigh out the correct amount of granola into a bowl.

Using the end of a rolling pin crush the Granola clusters into smaller pieces, this will allow you to better mix and coat all the piece in syrup.

Put the bowl onto scales, set to zero, and add the syrup directly on top of your granola by weighing 3 x 4.6g (a teaspoon). This is easier and less sticky than using an actual spoon.

Stir the Granola until it is fully coated in syrup.

Spray some baking paper with fry light and pour on your mix. Shape into a bar and bake in the oven for 8 minutes at 180° fan.

Remove from the oven. At this stage it will be very sticky. Fold the baking paper around your bar to shape it while it's warm and cool quickly in the freezer.

After 10 minutes in the freezer unwrap and enjoy with some Speedy fruit and some fat free yogurt if you fancy.