Week 37 Weigh in Results (Week 5 at Target)

I managed a small gain this week of 1.5lbs, taking me back up to 4lbs under target. It's not quite enough to stop me needing to pay next week though. I needed a 2.5lbs gain.

I hated every minute of trying to gain - it's made me realise that gaining is not fun and not something I want to do intentionally. Even though I look the same, I feel fatter. It's all in the mind, of course.

I think this week has taught me that perhaps being at a lower weight is a happier place for me. I'm going to see how I get on this week and then consider a target ammendment. I'm reluctant to set a new target right now until I find a comfortable place to be, because I don't want to put myself under pressure.

It's confusing this maintaining malarkey!