Week 38 Weigh in Results (Week 6 at target)

I gained 1.5lbs this week taking me back into my target range, so I'm no longer having to pay to attend group.

It was a planned gain, but it isn't fun having to gain because it feels like a negative thing, even though I needed it to be in target range.

I need to work on accepting ups and downs each week as part of the natural process.

Slimming World allow us 3lbs below and 3lbs above target as a Target Range. The reason for this range is because week by week fluctuations are totally normal. If I learn to accept that it's normal to fluctuate then I won't feel bad when the scales a little up or a little down.

I am currently 2.5lbs below my target weight and I am planning to try and stay there this week.

It's so hard getting the balance right to maintain, but I will get there eventually!