Comfort Eating and Being a Target Member

I'm a comfort eater. I always have been. I eat if I'm happy, I eat if I'm sad. I celebrate with food and I love people by offering food to them. It's probably totally the wrong way to be, but that's how I am.

The last 2 weeks I've had to find a way to comfort eat while still food optimising. The want to comfort eat started with a visit to my home town to see my mum. I miss my family terribly since moving away in 2010. I spent the whole day with that bottomless pit feeling in my tummy. I wanted chocolate and I wanted lots of it. I wanted to open mum's fridge and raid all the naughty food that mums inevitably have in their fridge.

I survived the whole day, dodging chocolate, successfully eating out on plan, and resisting a visit from the Ice Cream Van. On the journey home I was thinking about my dinner and what I could have that would fill the void, that's when it dawned on me that I should up my speed foods. It sounds obvious, doesn't it? But I never considered it!

So I've doubled my speed foods intake. I've explored the amazing selection of seasonal veg available and made regular trips to the supermarket to keep stocked up. I've had roasted chantenay carrots, roasted cauliflower, corgettes, and even brussel sprouts! Every meal has been piled high with speed foods so that I'm always full. Sometimes it comes to dinner and I think I couldn't possibly manage another meal, that's how full I feel.

I definitely notice a difference in my approach to being on plan and at target. In my mind I'm settled and I'm happy with the amount I can eat, to maintain and increase my intake will only make me happier (as I love food).

I'm possibly heading for another loss this week and it is definitely time to make that target adjustment. The only thing holding me back throwing myself into maintaining has been that niggling doubt that I wasn't 100% happy at my target weight. I had to eliminate that doubt before I could start to maintain. It turns out that I am happy at a lower weight and I was right to take things slowly.

I feel at my happiest at this stage of my journey and I'm very happy with how I look at the moment, which is what being at target it all about.

Tomorrow is weigh day and I'm feeling so positive about it.