My target dilemma...

I'm part way in to Week 8 at target, well sort of at target, I'm 8lbs below.

I said I'd allow myself time to get used to being this weight to decide if I'm happy here or if I'd be happier lower or even higher. It's about getting used to where I am to see if I like what I see and feel like here.

I know how I felt at the higher weight and to be honest I'm quite sure I don't want to go back up intentionally. A few lbs made a huge difference to how I felt about myself. The unknown is if I'll be happy any lower. I'm not an unhealthy BMI. I'm currently 23.5, so I have room for movement on my weight without being at risk.

The problem is that everyone has an opinion on my new weight and none of them are supportive of any more losses. Everyone seems to think that because I'm perfect in their eyes, that I should also feel the same way.

I didn't start my journey and come all this way to do it half heartedly. It's like painting a mural, and then getting to the end and saying "sod it I'm not going to bother finishing it". When I finally get to the target I choose I'm going to intend to stay there or there abouts for life. If that doesn't warrant me making sure I get it right, then what does?

I don't want to be secretive, but I've felt sometimes it could be easier to lie about my plans rather than get into the discussion about how I shouldn't lose anymore weight.

If people were half as concerned about me being overweight, as they are about me being too skinny, then I'd have had a lot of people willing me to lose weight. It's funny isn't it - no one cares to say a word when you are unhealthy in the overweight sense. "Why?" I asked one person. The reason... because they didn't want to hurt my feelings. My reply "well you are hurting my feelings now".

I am nicely in the healthy range. In my adult life I've never been a healthy BMI and no one has ever shown any concern for me. I'm healthy now and will be even if I lose a little more weight, so everyone should be as happy about that as I am, because all along my target wasn't a number. It was health.