New Harvester Menu and Slimming World

I visited Harvester today to check out their new menu.

The first and most obvious change to the menu (as a slimmer) is no nutritional information! I was looking at the menu totally lost because for me, the nutritional info is so valuable to know if you are health conscious. It can however be found on the website here.

There are 2 new Skinny options on the menu. Geared towards low carb. They serve a Skinny Burger (no bun) and a Skinny Half chicken (no chips).

They no longer have Mixed Vegetables as a side order. You just get to fill up on salad, which isn't an issue so much because I do like the salad bar, but in the winter I like warm vegetables with my meal.

I weighed my wholemeal rolls while there today so I can confirm 2 is equal to 60g for your Healthy Extra B choice.

Today I went for the Chicken & pepper Stack with Salad from the Salad bar. I count 1 syn for the Salsa based on the nutritional info on the old menu for salsa (it said 24 cals a serving).

Harvester is a favorite of mine for on plan eating. You can still choose steaks, chicken and all other grilled meats with Salad bar or jacket potato.