No Chocolate Challenge

Today is day 8 of my #nochocolatechallenge.

I started this challenge for a couple of reasons. I love chocolate. What's not to like? It's so yummy. It makes you feel good and it's all round one of the tastiest things ever!

So... I stopped eating chocolate because I felt controlled by it. That's stupid, right? But it's true. I have issues with eating too much food. That's why I got overweight in the first place. One of the things that helped get me overweight was excessive eating of chocolate.

I've always successfully controlled my intake throughout my whole Slimming World journey, but the problem is that once I eat it I want more, then I subsequently have to use my willpower to the max to stop myself eating more.

Having willpower is great, but using it requires energy. Not of the physical kind, but of the mental kind. It's taxing when you are thinking about wanting bad things then putting yourself back in check. So I thought 'why give myself extra work?'. So I quit chocolate. Just like that! Packed up all my stash into a suitcase (yep that's how big my stash is) and put it upstairs.

The last 8 days (apart from my date night dessert) I've had desserts totally choc free. Eton Mess, Custard and fruit, fruit and cream. I've LOVED every minute of it. For 15 syns you get 50g ish of my fave chocolate. The desserts I've been having at least 300g to 400g. So satisfying!

I've educated myself to take control, food does not control me!