Slimming World Eating at Nandos

Last night I went to Nandos with the girls.

Their menu is very surprisingly Slimming World Friendly and Slimming World list syn values on their app for most menu items.

I went for Butterfly Chicken Breast which is 2 breasts with the skin on. I chose Plain, but regardless of the marinade you choose it is still the same syns. I removed the skin, but I still counted the 3 syns it says on the Slimming World app. I'd say having researched the menu and syns that Butterfly Chicken is the best option to go for.

I chose a salad and corn on the cob as my 2 sides. Counting the corn as syn free because I didn't put the butter on. The butter comes separate and sealed so you can make that choice, which is great.

My friend chose the same as me, but she had the regular rice which is 2.5 syns.

A good tip that was offered to me is to take your Healthy Extra B pitta with you and add it to your meal to save on syns. I'm sure no one would notice if you were discreet enough and if you were spotted then you could always say you've bought your own due to certain dietary requirements, which isn't really a lie.

The chips are pretty high in syns so ideally choosing rice or salad as a size is the best option for on plan eating.

You'd be pretty safe eating at Nandos on plan and you could order with minimum fuss and without looking like a typical dieter. Enjoy!

Always check the app for up to date syn values.