The Perfect Roasted Vegetables

Line a flat banking tray with foil. Use a flat tray, not a tray with sides, otherwise your veggies won't roast properly.

Pre heat your oven at 200° fan (or 220° non fan).

Spray the foil with fry light. Neatly place the veggies on. It makes turning easier when they are neatly places. Spray the veg with fry light.

Put the vegetables on the TOP shelf of the oven. Close the door. Leave them alone. No shaking. No messing. Just leave them.

Cooking times (based on my oven - so please use as a guide and adjust accordingly):

Chantenay carrots : 30 mins - turn over - 30 mins
Corgettes sliced : 15 mins - turn over - 15 mins
Cauliflower : 20 mins (no turning required)
Brussel Sprouts : 15 mins (no turning required)
Mixed peppers, onions, corgettes : 30 mins (no turning required).