Week 39 Weigh in Results (Week 7 at Target)

So this week I had a loss of 2lbs taking me back out of target range at 4.5lbs below my target.

I had 2 gains of 1.5lbs in the previous 2 weeks to bring me back into target, so I had worked hard this week to increase my intake to try to keep myself up where I needed to be. I had 3 meals out at restaurants and one of those was a Flexi Syn day where I didn't count syns at all (huge choccy dessert was devoured) so I thought I was safe.

I was unwell with a cold mid way through the week, so I could possibly have lost weight through eating a little less on those 2 days I was ill, but I did food optimise and I did still eat 3 meals on those days plus syns.

Going forward I'm yet again considering a target reduction. I will see what this week brings (I feel like I'm repeating myself). I might just go for it and reset my target 7lbs lower, meaning I'm only 2.5lbs from that new target.