Week 40 Weigh in Results (Week 8 at Target)

Well as I expected I had a loss this week. Not a small one either. I lost 3.5lbs, taking me to 8lbs below my target.

I followed the plan with intent to lose - so a loss was on the cards.

I'm now at the point where I need to set my new target. Slimming World only allows a 7lbs reduction or more, so for now I'm going to float around here until I'm confident this is where I want to be. Once I'm happy I'll call target. It does mean I have to pay for a while, but I'd rather set a target I'm happy with than have to mess around changing it again .

As a result of my loss I picked up my 8 1/2 stone award! Can't quite believe I had that much to lose, but I'm glad it's gone forever!