Week 43 Weigh in Results (Week 11 at Target)

I lost 2lbs this week. 12 lbs below target!

My total weight loss is 8 Stone 11 lbs - almost half my body weight! I find that very hard to digest, considering the most common thing I'm told is that there isn't any sign of me ever being that much larger. Most people now refer to me as tiny! Not words that I've heard often!

I'm just a few lbs from where I think I want to set my new target, so as usual I'll see what the week brings. I'm not in weight loss mode or worrying about what I'll lose, if I lose I'm happy, but I'd equally be happy with whatever happens because enjoying life comes first; if I have an event or celebration then I'll flex my syns and go with it. That's what being at target is all about!