Slimming World Christmas Planning

It's November, so that means we can talk Christmas, as it's officially next month!

My social calendar is filling up for December and I need to plan wisely to ensure that I successfully food optimise around my festive plans.

Here's how my diary currently looks, including all the things I will need to allow extra syns for. Currently I have something planned for every week in December, so it will take some careful planning in between events to maintain my weight.

• 4th December - Zumba Christmas Party

I'll be meeting team girls after the meal, so I won't need to use any syns.

• 5th December - Slimming World Christmas Party - 3 course meal.

For this I will use flexi syns so I can enjoy the dessert I've chosen. My starter and main have been chosen carefully, but as with any restaurant cooked meal, there will be syns.

• 8th December - Theatre in London and Dinner.

I am going to attempt to use no syns here by opting for an on plan (or very low syn) meal because it's the second event of this week. We have chosen to eat at Nando's to keep it on plan.

• 12th December - Christmas Meal at Roslin  - 3 course meal.

I'll use flexi syns for this meal. I will choose an on plan starter and main, then enjoy the dessert. This is an afternoon dinner / lunch which is likely to run into evening, so I shall not need a dinner on this day. I could choose a lighter breakfast like just speed fruit to be extra saintly.

• 25th December - Christmas Dinner. Flexi syns.

• 26th December - Boxing Day dinner. Flexi syns.

I'll save on syns where possible by choosing wisely and avoiding syn laden sauces, I'll probably be very sensible with the savory dishes and enjoy the sweets and desserts with my syns.