Sticking to plan through thick and thin!

When I joined Slimming World my health was at serious risk. I was so unhappy and miserable, and I was a comfort eater.

Not only have I lost my weight, but I've overcome my need to comfort eat by replacing the foods with other things or changing my perception of comfort food. Comfort eating is what caused me to get overweight in the first place, so it's very important to tackle your issues with food, as well as your lifestyle.

Once you reach target, your journey isn't finished. In many ways it has just begun. I spent a year learning how to eat to lose weight, and now I need to learn how to maintain.

Life still throws you the same hurdles as it did before, and you cannot simply revert to your old ways when times get tough, as impossible as that may be to understand from an outsiders point of view. As a target member and as an ex-overweight person, I have a plan to follow that is integrated into my life. It isn't an add on that I just throw away when times get tough. It's part of my life, and that means that when this girl has to eat, she has to eat correct way. The moment you start making allowances / excuses for why you can't follow plan today, you start to allow old habits to creep in. It could be as simple as saying 'I haven't got time to make lunch so I'll grab a sausage roll' but where does that lead you and where does it end?

I owe it to myself not to be that person who makes excuses for being unhealthy. I've had a lifetime of excuses. I stopped excusing my behaviour the day I chose to join Slimming World.

They don't call it 'Slim for Life' for no reason.