Christmas Plan

It's getting closer to Christmas and the party season is in full swing. I've had 2 this week alone, and did have another planned for Sunday, but it's now been cancelled. This leaves me with 2 clear weeks until Christmas Day.

I want to make some smart choices on Christmas Day. I always have Bagels with Salmon and cream cheese for breakfast with a glass of champagne, so I'll be getting in the HEB Bagel Thins. With dinner I'll potentially consider roasting some BNS instead of potatoes (I won't miss them, but if you love pots don't skimp on them). Starters tend to be classic prawn cocktail at Christmas so I'll make sure I've got some light Thousand Island. Dessert for me will be what ever is on offer. I'm not one to turn down a dessert, in fact I'd rather make allowances elsewhere to accommodate dessert.

Leading up to Christmas I've got lots to keep me occupied, fitness wise. I've got Zumba, HIIT workouts on DVD, and Zumba DVD. I'm going to fit in as many as possible and just keep active. I hope to build a routine where I regularly do more fitness from home and carry this forward into the new year. Keeping active is paramount when there is a chance of extra food being eaten, after all you need to burn more than you eat. It's a no brainer.

Food wise I'm obviously following plan as usual. I'll be in weight loss mode, as opposed to maintenance, because I hope to lose some weight in advance of a possible Christmas gain. If I can manage 2 losses on the next 2 weigh ins then I'll be very pleased with that.

Lastly I'm going to attempt going Chocolate free until Christmas. Chocolate is something that kicks of cravings for me, so for 2 weeks I'm choccy free. There I said it. It's out there, so I can't go back on it. I'm sure there'll be enough on offer this Christmas to make up for me going without.

I feel prepared, which in turn keeps me in control. Ultimately what helps with a healthy lifestyle is keeping control, so I recommend anyone else who's worrying about Christmas food taking over to plan and be pro active. You can't always put perfect food in your plan, as you have to live and celebrate, but there are things you can do to help and plan.

Happy Christmas!