Reducing my Sugar Intake

Over time I've gradually reduced my sugar intake without really realising I had done it. It happened totally naturally. I make all my food from scratch using only fresh ingredients. A lot of what I eat would be deemed as 'clean eating'. I didn't set out to eat clean, but those are the choices I naturally started to make and that's where I settled as a target member.

I've battled with sugar cravings for a while. Probably since Christmas when generally most of us over do it on chocolate and festive treats. I always thought cravings came from Chocolate. That the Cacao itself was what I was addicted to, but actually it's not, it's the sugar.

Sugar IS addictive.

There are many articles to read online about the impact of sugar on our bodies. I've briefly done some research and I also enjoyed watching Sugar Free Farm. It has made me realise that, apart from my occasional chocolate bar, I'm well within the daily recommended intake of 30g of sugar a day. I have 12.8g of sugar on a normal day (before adding on a treat).

I decided to consider if reducing my sugar intake was the key to kicking my cravings. I've tried cutting chocolate, but I realise I was just cutting out one form of sugar in place of another. I started having Lindt 90% Cocoa Dark Chocolate and found it doesn't kick start my cravings. It only has 7g of Sugar per 100g. A standard chocolate has around 60g per 100g. That's a HUGE amount of sugar! It's no wonder a small taste leads to a wanting for more sugar!

I downloaded the Sugar Smart app from the NHS and began scanning foods to discover what sugar was hidden in everyday foods. It's worth looking at, especially if you have children.

It is possible to follow any of the big brand Weight Loss Plans while still keeping yourself within the recommended daily sugar intake and not overloading on artifical sweetner.

Lots of low fat or diet products can be loaded with sugar, or artifical sweetner, but I manage to follow Slimming World without using anything artifical and while maintaining a healthy sugar intake.

This is one lifestyle choice I've wanted to make and I feel very good for it. I am considering trying to go Sugar Free to see if I like it, but right now I'm happy with just being in the healthy range.