What I'm giving up for Lent

So... I've thought long and hard about this. I'm not overly religious, but I was in Church last Sunday as they held a mass in memory of my mum. The vicar mentioned that Lent was coming up and it got me thinking. What can I live without?

It can't be something easy, as it would be pointless. It's meant to be something you have on a regular basis so that you are making a genuine sacrifice.

I'm going to attempt to give up chocolate for Lent. There. I said it. I'm highly likely to regret that tomorrow. However, it's not like I need it! I'm going to define what I mean by 'chocolate', as I want to make this clear. I will not eat chocolate in the form of bars, buttons, chocolate eggs. So basically no commercial choccy treats. I will, however, bake with Cacao powder in its raw form. It is the sugar and milk combined chocolate bar that I will be giving up. It will be a huge step for me as I do like my chocolate. I've give it up for a couple of weeks before and managed fine, so I'm sure I can do it for 40 days (until 24th March).

So there it is. My pledge to take part in Lent this year for the first time ever.

Anyone wishing to sponsor me on my endeavour, can so do on my just giving page in support the British Heart Foundation.