"You can't eat that, you are on a diet"

The most common statement I hear.

Eating in public can be a challenge for many people, even more so now I'm at target.

When you are overweight you feel people are looking at what you are eating because you are large, you automatically assume they are judging you, but of course because you are overweight no one will say anything to you because it's not the done thing to do!

Once you have lost your weight, what you eat is everyone's business. Once you have lost weight it's then OK for people to pass comment.

"You can't eat that, you are on a diet" as you start to eat your dessert. That's it. Diet blown. 9 stone weight loss, and I've eaten a dessert, so all is lost.

Does that sound logical? No. Why? Because it's NORMAL to eat dessert. Slim people eat dessert. How? Because the lifestyle (note - use of the word lifestyle) we follow is healthy, so we have created balance to allow for the occasional treat to be had, and after this treat is eaten we then break the cycle we were once in many years ago by carrying on with our healthy lifestyle.

If you see me eating a dessert, know this; I am in control and I am allowed to eat whatever I want, because I own this healthy lifestyle.

You will never see me shy of or hiding to eat my dessert, because that would mean I'm ashamed and this girl is not ashamed of being in control.

I am not on a diet. I'm living a well balanced and healthy lifestyle!