Slimming World Scotch Eggs

For this recipe you need;

7 eggs (6 boiled and 1 for egg wash)
B choice wholemeal rolls or Wholemeal Bread.
1 tbsp Garlic granules
1 tsp Mixed herbs
500g pack of 5% fat pork mince (Asda sell it).

Firstly make your breadcrumbs from your wholemeal bread or rolls using a food processor. Place the breadcrumbs in a large flat bowl or on a plate and set aside for later.

I used the Kingsmill crustless bread, but you can use any B choice bread you prefer.

Meanwhile boil your 6 eggs for 6 minutes.

Crack the 7th egg into a bowl to for your egg wash.

Place your pork mince, garlic, herbs, salt and pepper into your mixer. Mix until it is smooth and no longer resembling minced pork.

Tip - cover your surface with cling film to make cleaning up easier for this bit.

Cut your homemade sausage meat into 6 evenly.

Squash out the meat into a flat round and wrap around your boiled egg.

Egg wash, then go straight into your breadcrumbs to coat.

Place onto a baking tray and repeat until you have 6 beautiful scotch eggs.

Give them a spray of fry light and bake for 30 to 40 mins in the oven.

These are 1 B choice for all 6, but as you are unlikely to eat all 6, you can count them as 1 syn each. 

Recipe courtesy of my buddy @beckies_slimmimg_homecooking on instagram.